SDFSA Officer Bios

Alondra Valdez – President

My name is Alondra and I am a senior majoring in nutrition and dietetics. My interest in studying nutrition sprang from my love of food and wellbeing. I love learning about the latest research in the nutrition field about chronic inflammation due to lifestyle choices. Some of my hobbies are watching YouTube videos, taking nature walks, and working out.


Sherryl Soukup – Immediate Past President

Sherryl Soukup is a senior majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics who is passionate about healthy eating and other lifestyle choices which promote a proactive and holistic approach to overall wellbeing. She likes reading about nutrition and inspiring and empowering others. Sherryl became an SDFSA officer in her second year of membership and has found involvement in this organization to be very informative and rewarding!


Beverly Ann – Vice President

I want to help others understand how food can make their bodies strong and healthy. I love learning, nutrition, science, food, sports, working out and animals. I enjoy being a part of the SDFSA because it's a nutrition loving community.


Jasmine Martinez – Secretary


My name is Jasmine Martinez, I am a junior majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. I have found nutrition to be such a powerful subject that is very impactful in several aspects of our overall health and I hope to spread that knowledge to help individuals live healthier lifestyles. Aside from school, I enjoy watching tons of movies and exercising!


Araxia G. Boghossian – Treasurer

My name is Araxia Boghossian, and I am a senior majoring in FCS Nutrition and Dietetics. I was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria. Being involved with the SDFSA and serving both as Historian and Treasurer was so enlightening and rewarding. I enjoy traveling, hiking, and listening to music. After graduating from CSUN, I want to pursue a graduate degree. Additionally, I want to help my community by showing that eating right and feeding our bodies with the best nutrients is the best cure for our society's many health problems.


Isabel Chen– Chief Communications Officer

My name is Isabel Chen and I am your chief communication officer! I am a Nutrition and Dietetics major and I will be graduating in 2023.  I love all things health, wellness, fashion, and community-related. I used to work and study in the fashion industry and through some challenging health and mental issues, I realized that my passion is no longer in fashion. I changed my major when I started school at CSUN and I have never looked back since! I hope that one day I can help women and men who struggle the same way I did through health and wellness holistically!


Chloe Hartounian – Co-Fundraising Officer

My name is Chloe Hartounian and I am a senior studying FCS - Nutrition & Dietetics. My career goal is to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is either working in the community or in management. I love being a part of SDFSA because of all the amazing educational opportunities we provide to Nutrition & Food Science students. When I am not in school, I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends and family, and taking walks.


Lori Minaskanian – Co-Fundraising Officer

Lori Minaskanian has been an active member in the Student Dietetic Food Science Association since her freshman year at California State University, Northridge. At a young age, she knew she wanted to approach health holistically by combining her love for Nutrition and Dietetics with Fitness to educate and help others reach their health wellness goals. She is a Certified Personal Trainer that is passionate about fitness and helping others make informed dietary choices to fuel their body properly. She hopes to inspire her greater community and encourage healthy eating and exercise patterns. 


Emely Ordonez – Co-Publicity and Legislative Officer

Emely Ordonez is majoring in Nutrition Dietetics with a minor in Political Science and will be graduating in 2023. She is the co-publicity officer and legislative offer in SDFSA. In addition to her roles in SDFSA, she is also a student liaison for the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics, CalFresh Outreach Advocate, and Treasurer of the CSUN Latin and Ballroom Dance Club. Besides her interest in nutrition and health, she loves to dance, roller skate, spend time with her dog, cook, and watch YouTube and Netflix.


Diana Lugo – Editor

Hello, my name is Diana Lugo and I am a senior Majoring in Nutrition in Dietetics. My goal is to motivate people to shift to a healthier lifestyle and to be able to help the younger generations and teach them about nutritions and its benefits. 


Stephanie Reyes – Historian

My name is Stephanie Reyes and I am a Senior majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics. My goal is to become a Registered Dietitian who works closely in the field of maternal and pediatric health. When I am not in school, I enjoy baking, taking my dog for walks, singing, and being with friends and family.


Noel Lawson – Ways and Means Officer

Hi! My name is Noel Lawson. I have always been fascinated with food. The ability to affect health with diet is such a powerful thing! The connection between mind and body is incredible. I love taking my passion for helping people and integrating it with my passion for food. In fall 2020, SDFSA provided a link to this new and amazing world as I navigated my first year back to school in almost 20 years. Because of opportunities presented through this club, I applied for and was accepted into my ultimate dream student internship with the L.A. Dept. of Public Health, working directly with a Registered Dietitian in the MCAH division on resources for children and people with Gestational Diabetes. I am excited to serve and give back to the club that has given so much to me! I want to encourage every person reading this to take the next first step in your journey. It can be scary at times, but the world is waiting to support you through these moments!


Cyrille Mirasol – Web Administrator

My name is Cyrille Mirasol and I am majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. My career goal is to become a Registered Dietitian. I have always been interested in food and nutrients and how they affect all aspects of an individuals' life. As a Registered Dietician, I want to be able to help people improve their health and help them make a better dietary choices. I do volunteer work at Food Share organization, helping my community at Ventura County fight against hunger. In my free time, I love to cook for my family, go hiking, and spend time with my family and our three dogs.