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SDFSA Officer Bios

Maribel Briones – President


Hello! My name is Maribel Briones and I'm this year's SDFSA president. As a nutrition and dietetic student my goal is to serve and advocate for the Latino community as a renal dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Growing up I experienced first hand the cultural and language barrier that exists with nutrition education. I want to share that our cultural foods are nutritious and it can be incorporated into a balanced meal.

In my free time, I like to go on neighborhood walks with my fiance and dog or go on hiking adventures together. I also like to binge watch on telenovelas. I look forward to meeting everyone and being your treasurer. :)

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Maria Pahua Paz – Co-Secretary 


Maria is the secretary for SDFSA. She is a senior graduating in Spring. She transferred from los angeles mission college. She likes to spend time with her kids and enjoys working on 3D puzzles with them. Her favorite movie series is harry potter!


Darany MomFundraising Treasurer

Hi! My name is Darany Mom. I have always loved to learn and explore, so I decided to move to the United Sates from Cambodia for education. Currently, I am a junior Nutrition and Dietetics major. I will be a Co-Fundraising Treasure of SDFSA this school year. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family, and friends and doing things that make me happy. One of those things is cooking healthy foods. Last but not least, I also love to travel and explore news places, cultures,people, and foods a well. I am glad to be apart of SDFSA member and looking forward to enjoy the rest of the year together the members! :)


Yamilet Cruz – Co-Editor


Hi Everyone! My name is Yami and I am a senior at CSUN, majoring in nutrition and dietetics. I grew up watching cooking shows and along the way developed a passion for fitness. Both contributed to my love for nutrition and overall health. I love to cook, dance, and lift weights! In my free time, I like to watch scary movies and hang out with my dog Shadow <3!

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Lauren Zepernick– Diversity Officer


My name is Lauren Zepernick, I am a senior graduating this spring 24 with a Bachelor of Science Nutrition and Dietetics option. This is my second year with SDFSA as the diversity chair. My focus is bringing affordable nutrition to the community.

I hope to pursue a career relating to allergens and GI disorders by opening my own clinic. I connect with a holistic approach to nutrition with the incorporation of herbs and meditative practices. I am a yoga instructor and I believe health starts within and nutrition plays a major role in the foundation of health. I love eating clean plant-based foods and my favorite meal to prepare on a regular basis is coconut chickpea curry with wild rice or quinoa. I love roasted vegetables and I really enjoy spice and seasoning. 


Sofia Arias – Chief Communications Officer


Hi everyone, my name is Sofia Arias and I am excited to be your chief communications officer. I am a senior majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics and my passion for nutrition education began in high school, sparked by my personal health journey. Through my experiences, I realized that I want to help others have a healthy relationship with food. This is the drive behind my academic and career goals. Outside of this, my other passions in life include going to the gym, thrift shopping, and spending time with my loved ones.

I love that this club brings people together with similar interests and hobbies.


Amber Johnson – Web Administrator  


Hi everyone. My name is Amber and I'm a senior here in the Dietetics program. I got into dietetics because of my interest and passion for health, as well as wanted to inform and help the masses by imparting nutrition related information to them so they can improve their lives. 

I enjoy going to the gym, cooking, baking, ice skating, playing video games, and watching anime when I have free time :)

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